Time | poem

| Kevin de Silva |

Sometimes crashes like a waterfall

Falling from a cloud so tall,

Others crawling like an ant stuck

On treacle’s sweet muck!

Time is such an amazing entity

Ever expanding in quantity

Memories stacked in endless folders

Heavier than the heaviest boulders

Infinite additions, with expeditions

Like an endless scroll of submissions

Life continues, time pursues

Forcing all those alive pay their dues

Making someone laugh while another cries

Someone’s born while another dies

Opposites make this world tick

Attracting people who eventually stick

Every decade’s a story, a different style

Many a memory makes the inner mind smile

While others like Trump

Makes this world a living dump

Dropping bombs on others’ homes

Birth to generations of syndromes

Take the “Little” and “Fat” boys for example

Birth to thyroid cancers in many a sample

Lives destroyed even after many a decade

Ending only with the striking spade

On the wet soil of the burial ground

Memories crumpled within the lost and found

Only those who care to revisit

Are those who truly exhibit

A level of care towards those who left

This world with grace, with minimal theft

For what one does is what matters the most

For the deed that’s done follows you like a ghost

Or like the cartwheels pulled by an ox

Good and bad, eternal equinox

Like black and white and a spot of grey

Is good and bad, equal in its say

Keeping the balance of life even

Good or bad for us to believe in

Wanderers we are in our prime

Traveling along the sands of time.

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