The cook | poem

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27 thoughts on “The cook | poem

  1. Very interesting poem. I am also from down under and you might find my blog interesting as being on the medical field. Its on my journey on wellness from long term depression. Now that I have recovered I also have now started to write poems in a simple way, picking up old interests and hobbies from where they all stopped. Best of luck with your blog I have liked it and following ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thank you for your kind reply. I am a passionate writer, and share many true stories in my blog. I see myself as a storyteller, and keeping my audience captivated is my prime goal. Being in the medical profession leaves not much free time on my platter, but writing is my favourite past time, and I am pleased to have a fan such as yourself! I will follow your blog too!
      Health is wealth! Happy reading!

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      1. Up very early or still studying 2.02 am in Sri Lankan time!!! I am up early down under 6.30 am. I am studying (at this age) Psychology to find out more on what happened to me and at the same time healing also is taking place. Very glad to connect with you. Happy reading to you too ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. I am very happy to meet a friend such as yourself. Yep studying and blogging simultaneously!
        PS : couldnt open up your site though. something wrong with the link ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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      3. For future posts I will be posting a podcast (on soundcloud) and a vlog (on YouTube) as well. Please like and share my posts on your facebook page, and spread the love! Also share my Facebook page as well, since it will help me reach more users with my stories. My stories are all about people who fight through pain, and if my stories bring even a glimmer of comfort to someone’s aching heart, then I’ve done my job!
        Thank You for your valuable time!
        Happy writing!

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      4. I will. I am also spreading my experience and knowledge on how I overcame almost 15 years long term depression, to give “Hope and Courage to those who are still fighting it” As so many even among so called educated people, think mental illness is just in the mind or does not exist, when millions are suffering and even losing their valuable lives. Personally I know what it was for me, and how it is even now, either people are careless or they always think something is wrong even it you just get upset like a normal human being. Luckily here there is very good understanding and support, but still as everywhere there is the stigma attached to it among some. I have joined with in support
        And also for more information, for those who need as my blog is Not counselling or any medical advice. I am so glad I came across a blog from Sri Lanka even more being in the field of medicine there will be people looking into it – I hope some of you will look up my blog. As there is so much one can find out from self help books, from the I net, and magazines ect which goes a very long way in helping with being well in “Addition to counselling and Medication”. Why I am saying this is, I really got to know exactly what was wrong is at a very much later stage. “Having studied science up to grade 12” I could have helped myself more if I knew what was going on with me instead getting the answer mania as an answer at one time !!!
        15 years on from the breakdown, now I have worked in TAFE as an ESL tutor for 6 years, done short courses through Monash University and now doing a Diploma in Psychology (difficult But want to expand my knowledge as well as to give Hope to others) I began this Blog because, after I was told I have come back to normal, I was told by the doctor itself, even if I helped just one person to go to the doctor or to take medication it will be a great service. So today I am so glad I am able to write this on a Blog, in My Birth country itself (where so much of enlightenment is needed on Mental Health) – Mother Lanka to give Hope and Courage for a better life with, Joy and Happiness. “It is Possible to become well or at least to keep under control with medical help to lead a Normal Life” Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this here. Your are extremely Blessed and Good Luck with your work ๐Ÿ™‚


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